Puff Scouts is a cannabis inspired lifestyle brand that specialize in dopeness and quality in everything that ranges from NFT, street wear, collectible cards, toys and plushy. Each Puff Scouts NFT's are custom drawn with details tailored to their names and is never randomly generated! They each have unique power, THC Level, rarity and custom quotes! The NFTs will allow you to unlock characters in future game app and create HYBREED (Hybrid) two puff scouts character making a new character! You can obtain the Puff Scouts NFT in two ways, from buying on https://opensea.io/collection/puffscouts or purchase Puff Scouts trading card packs and get lucky in getting rare cards that allows you to redeem a free NFT of that character! The rarity of each NFT cards mainly ranges from 1 of 1 to a capped limit of 42! The cards above 100 will usually include free unlockable merch that will be unlocked by the owner. You can find these cards with the [merch] properties! PUFF SCOUTS is an ever-expanding universe, which means there will always be new collectible characters joining in the party! GOTTA PUFF ‘EM ALL!