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DLR 1-Watt 6-Channel Digital Business 2-Way Radio

DLR 1-Watt 6-Channel Digital Business 2-Way Radio

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The DLR1060 radio provides the perfect solution that best fits the needs of your staff operations including multiple call options, 6 channels and special features. With the DLR digital technology, voice communications are louder and clearer across an extended range without static ensuring that your voice is crisp and clear even at the outside edge of coverage. The DLR Series is license free and hassle free, eliminating the need for regulatory paperwork and licensing applications and fees. Furthermore, the DLR provides interference free and private communications, making it virtually impossible for anyone to hear your conversation, except for the intended audience.

1-Watt 6 channel digital radio
Covers up to 300,000 sq. ft. and up to 20 floors
Includes battery, belt clip holster and single unit charger
Black in color

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