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1-Handle Wynford M-CORE Transfer Valve Trim Kit in Polished Nickel (Valve not Included)

1-Handle Wynford M-CORE Transfer Valve Trim Kit in Polished Nickel (Valve not Included)

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M-CORE is shower design on your time. This valve system is simpler and faster to install and offers additional functionality with desired style choices to create an ideal shower environment. Moen has conducted extensive research to create M-CORE and what drives the design is a passion to make the workday more streamlined for plumbers and to give more freedom in showering functionality and design whether in new construction or remodel projects. Homeowners and designers will enjoy M-CORE's improved style and finish options including perfectly matching mixing and transfer trim and attention to detail that reflects a desire for a dream bathroom.

Trim kit requires a m-core 3-series transfer valve to complete installation
M-core transfer valves can control 2 or 3-showering devices, a simple transfer cartridge modification changes the valve's flow from 2-outlets to 3-outlets
Important: when using 3-showering devices, transfer valve cartridge must be modified, simple cartridge modification changes the valves flow from 2-outlets to 3-outlets, see transfer valve instructions for additional information
Important: when using 2-showering devices, designated outlet 3-must be capped caps sold separately
M-core transfer valves have a simplified trim offering and suite matching handles with integrated and mixing valves
Offers design flexibility to choose your trim after the valve installation, so you can take your time with your style and finish selections
M-core adaptability allows the valves to be roughed-in with the option of functionality and style changes that don't require removing or changing the valve (s)
Features an integrated mounting bracket that secures the valve directly to a brace, streamlining the installation process and saving time
M-core mixing and transfer valves are available in several inlet and outlet plumbing options to meet the needs of the installers
Backed by Moen limited lifetime warranty

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