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iDream Max Linear Matte Black Steam Generator Control Kit/Package in Black

iDream Max Linear Matte Black Steam Generator Control Kit/Package in Black

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The iDream Max Linear Package, with the award-winning iSteam3-Control gives you steam and so much more. It includes all our Steam Therapy's AromaSteam, ChromaSteam3, AudioSteam3 as well as the SteamLinx Module and Mobile App that enables Amazon Alexa Skills, 2-Linear SteamHead, a Max Auto Flush, and a Max Condensation Pan. Our Max Packages make designing your large residential steam shower easy by providing everything you need, at package-savings discount.

For MX4E - MX6E generators
Includes the award-winning iSteam 3 controls with capacitive touch screen, programmable custom settings for up to with 8-users, 7-available languages, white or black interface color, real time clock, auto start programing to get your steam shower ready each day of the week
9 award-winning linear SteamHead, that are whisper quiet, install flush with the wall and can be tiled so only a slim opening remains visible
SteamLinx module, mobile app allows for seamless control of all your steam room functionality using your smart phone or mobile device
ChromaSteam 3-system allows you to select color and modes directly from the iSteam 3 control
AromaSteam system atomizes fragrance and creates the perfect in-steam aromatherapy experience
8-aroma fragrance liter bottle, specially formulated and packaged for use with the AromaSteam system
AudioSteam 3-system with Bluetooth technology interfaces with the iSteam 3 control for the ultimate sound and steam experience and an FM radio built into amplifier
MusicTherapy speakers designed for use inside or outside the shower enclosure
Max AutoFlush and Max condensation pan suitable for all Max residential generators, model numbers MX4E - MX6E

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