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Smart Shower 4-Outlet Digital Shower Controller in Terra Beige

Smart Shower 4-Outlet Digital Shower Controller in Terra Beige

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The Smart Shower is a Wi-Fi enabled digital shower that offers mobile connectivity and unmatched personalization, providing countless ways to create your ideal showering experience. The Smart Shower allows you to activate your shower in 3 different ways-voice controlled through a smart speaker, the Moen Smart Water App, and the in-shower controller. Within the smartphone App, you can create up to 12 personalized presets including name, greeting, outlets used, water temperature, shower timer, and notifications, so you have the perfect shower experience every time.

Smart Shower four-outlet thermostatic digital valve required for use, sold separately
The four-outlet controller allows you to connect up to 4 shower fixtures-such as a showerhead, handshower, body sprays, and rainshower.
Control your shower with the sound of your voice through voice assisted smart device.
Warm up and pause feature allows you to save water by having the shower warm up to the desired temperature and pause until you're ready.
Easy to read, 5-inch non-touch LCD provides feedback on the shower status through on-screen messaging and notifications.
Large, soft buttons make it easy to operate, even with wet and soapy hands.
As the water temperature changes, the color of the screen will evolve from blue, purple, orange and red, indicating the system is warming up or cooling down to reach the desired water temperature.
When the shower is ready, the screen will turn white, and provide an on-screen notification and signal with a tone-you can even prompt the Moen Smart Water App to alert your smartphone when it's ready.
The Smart Shower offers a 30-foot data cable between the digital valve and controller so it can be put wherever is most convenient for you or the plumber.
For full functionality and to enable voice control, wireless internet, a smartphone and voice assisted smart device .Moen Battery Backup kit (179573) is available to allow the shower to continue to work if power is lost.
5-year warranty on digital components.
WiFi connected, app-driven shower controller
Wi-Fi connected, app driven shower controller
Digital shower offers accurate and easy temperature control

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